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Coaching in the Workplace

Establishing the Coaching Relationship

Leadership is a cornerstone of a successful business or organization. Lead-ers inspire, encourage, and motivate employees to work to their highest potential. Attributes of leadership are not fashioned overnight; they are grown and fostered, and the best way to grow and foster future leaders is through a workplace coaching relationship. This course is designed to help workplace environments run at full capacity by propagating leadership potential by establishing coaching relationships.

Coaching for Performance

Bring out your employees’ optimal potential by learning how to coach for performance. In this dynamic follow-up to Coaching in the Workplace: Establishing the Coaching Relationship, man-ages are taught how to implement strategies that bring out the best in their employees. Managers who adopt these coaching skills will be able to empower their workers, encourage them to take risks, develop skills, and optimize their work performance. This course teaches coaches to coach for performance.

Employee Relations

Communicating for Effective Employee Relations

How you communicate with your employees has a major impact on the overall atmosphere within the work-place. A positive, professional work relationship between the employer and the employee is a crucial aspect of successful businesses. This course explains how communication can foster or hinder employee/ employer relation-ships and what you can do to communicate effectively.

Satisfying Your Employees

Job satisfaction directly affects work performance. An unhappy employee will inevitably put forth a minimal amount of effort in his job. In this course, learn ways to satisfy employees in order to improve productivity and retain employees in the workplace. Satisfying your employees will motivate them to succeed, and therefore, your company will succeed.

Understanding Employment Law

Understanding employment law will help protect your company, yourself,and your employees. Take a crucial step in shielding your business from unwanted and costly litigation. Learn what laws affect your business and learn how to prevent violations. This course is a must for all managers and supervisors in any company.

Knowledge Management

Basics of Knowledge Management

Business managers understand that knowledge is their company’s greatest asset. In order for knowledge to propel company’s success, it needs to be properly harnessed and effectively distributed to the workforce. In this course, managers learn how to manage and cultivate knowledge in the work-place.

Knowledge Management and Organizational Learning

This course teaches the basics of creating and implementing a knowledge management system (KMS.) Knowledge management systems are inextricably linked to organizational learning. Understanding how to create a knowledge management system that matches your company’s specific needs and work culture is the first step to bringing the workforce together under one mission and leveraging company-wide learning initiatives.

Implementing Knowledge Management

This course teaches managers how to implement knowledge management systems after the design phase. Learn to effectively manage your knowledge management system to increase work-force knowledge of mission critical information and create a lasting competitive edge for your business.

HR Skills

Managing Human Capital

The Ethical Dilemma — As a manager, you set the tone for your company. A man-age who is perceived as unethical will instill a culture of distrust and substandard performance. Learn how to project an image of ethical superiority through principled methodology and internal accountability.

Downsizing — No one enjoys letting employees go. Your ultimate objective when down sizing should be to make sure your employees are treated with the utmost respect. Learn what considerations to take before downsizing and how to reduce your organization with dignity.

Mastering Key Retention Strategies — The American Management Association reports that the cost of recruiting and training a new employee costs between25 and 200 percent of their annual salary! This means finding and retaining excellent employees is crucial for the ultimate success of an organization.

Winning with People at Work

Mastering Concepts for Getting Results —The most effective management strategies are the ones that never fail to obtain the best performances from employees. A good manager implements proven techniques, and consistently examines their results. This course intro-dues practical ways to implement management techniques that create success.

Human Resource Optimization

Creating and Maintaining a Talented Workforce

End the turnover epidemic by creating and maintaining a talented workforce.High employee turnover is costing your company time, resources, and a lot of money. Instead of spending your time recruiting new hires and investing money in expensive training programs, focus your energy on fostering long-term commitments from your current employees.

Managing Employees

Get rid of those pesky TPS reports and learn how to effectively manage your employees in order to cultivate a successful business environment. The difference between a sterile performance management system and an active performance management system is the latter’s potential for retaining quality employees, and the development of individual skill sets within the workplace.

Creating Development Plans

Today’s employees are acutely aware of their assets and vulnerabilities in the current job market. Employee development helps motivated employees reach their career goals within the confines of your business. Creating action plans for employees fosters loyalty while optimizing productivity in the workplace. In this course, learn how to create effective development plans for your employees.

Communicating Effectively

Communication in the workplace can be tricky. What should employers share?When should they share it? And how?Employees resent both lack of communication and poorly planned communication in the workplace.

Hiring Top Performers

Initiating the Hiring Process

Your hiring choices can determine the success or failure of your business.“Hiring choices” include not only who you hire, but into what position you place them. In this invaluable course,learn how to rethink the way you hire new employees, from how you recruit to how to determine placement.This course is perfect for both fledgling businesses and established corporations.

Handling Interviews

Do you take the necessary time and planning before conducting an inter-view with a potential new employee? Having an interview plan will help you gauge whether the interviewee is the right person for a specific position within your company. Learn what details to include in your interview plan, how to reach an unbiased decision, and what methods to incorporate during the interview.

Concluding the Hiring Process

It is critical for businesses to implement strategies to help retain new hires .Companies that are able to recruit and retain top employees are able to gain a significant edge because they waste less time, money, and resources managing constant turnover. Learn how to not only attract the best recruits, but how to make your brand new hires never want to seek work elsewhere.

Managing the Generation Mix

This course focuses on management techniques that make it easy to effectively lead a multi generational work-force. Accommodating your employees specific needs will help pique their work performance; Gen X parents may require different techniques than a Generation Y employee. This course helps managers recognize and juggle the complex nature of managing a generation-mixed work force.

Public Presentations

Deciding to Speak

You’ve been invited to give a speech at a conference. Flattery may impel you to accept right away; however, deciding whether or not giving a speech benefits your company should be your first consideration. Learn basic guidelines that aid in helping you consider which speech opportunities you should accept and which ones you should step away from.

Preparing Your Speech

Once you’ve decided to give a speech,your next step is preparation. Learn the pivotal elements and valuable tips that will enable you to prepare a dynamic,crowd-pleasing speech.

Delivering Your Speech

It doesn’t matter how well your speech is written: if it is poorly presented, it will not influence or impress the audience. Delivery is everything! This course helps novice and seasoned public speakers by providing simple advice on how to give the best speech possible.

Publicizing Your Speech

Your speech was a success! You’re finished! Or maybe not… this course discusses the critical importance of publicizing your speech. Increase the chances of being invited to subsequent speaking engagements by learning how to increase your publicity.

Building a Winning Team — Winning teams work well together, and produce exceptional work on time through careful planning and strategic management.In this course, managers, supervisors,and team leaders learn the skills and steps to take in order to build a winning team.

Developing Ethical Leadership Skills — Is the ethical corporate leader more successful? Ethical leaders give their corporations a competitive edge by building upon the trust of both clients and investors. Learn how creating a work ethic based on principled management will boost your company’s position in its markets and the community.

Performance Under Pressure

Managing Stress in the Workplace — Employees in today’s workforce are expected to do more with less: more productivity, better results, and longer hours,all within the same five-six day work week. To counter these increased pressures, managers need to provide more ways of alleviating stress in the workplace.

Working Well Under Pressure — How do your employees cope with high-pressure situations? This course provides management techniques that help both employers and their employees learn how to cope under pressure. Learn invaluable stress management techniques to teach employees how to anticipate and manage potentially stressful situations.

Team Sponsorship

Sponsoring a Natural Team

When children are young, a parent oversees their daily tasks, from brushing their teeth in the morning to making sure they are in bed at a reasonable hour. As they grow older, the parent begins to relinquish control, allowing the children to make their own decisions and run their own lives. Sponsoring a natural team is a lot like parenting children. Learn how to grow a team that will eventually be able to run itself, making informed decisions based on your previous guidance.

Sponsoring Standing and Ad Hoc Teams

After you have grown a natural team,what is the role of the team sponsor?While the traditional manager is the overseer of a team, a sponsor allows the team to act on a pre-confirmed plan. In this course, learn how to sponsor both standing and ad hoc teams.

Mentoring Others

As an experienced mentor, you are in a great position to share your accumulated workplace wisdom and expertise with someone else. You want to refresh your understanding of the theories behind effective mentoring to ensure the greatest possible return on your investment of time and energy. This course will give experienced mentors rapid access to important concepts and techniques they can directly utilize in assisting mentees.

Leadership Skills

Position Yourself to Lead

Senior managers are constantly looking for ways to attain better and more lucrative results from their team. Find out how effective leaders improve employees trust and dedication to bring out the best in their performance. Learn principles to great communication, organizing, and effective time management.

Building a Winning Team

Running a successful workplace requires flexibility. It’s time to lose preconceived notions about management and learn how to supervise a modern-day workforce effectively. This course teaches managers essential leadership skills that help you delegate more responsibility to your team while enabling you to strategize and focus on the bigger picture. Learn how to effectively manage a 21st century work team by implementing 21st century techniques.

Lead with Confidence

A manager should command respect from his employees; without confidence, there is no respect. A lack of respect equals less productivity in the workplace. This course teaches you how to present yourself as a strong leader who can motivate, manage, and set goals for individual employees, the work group, or the company.


These courses promote wellness within the workplace. First, employees assess their level of wellness in relation to their health and/or fitness goals. Follow-up courses include:

Introduction & Self Assessment
Where do you need help?
Stop Smoking—Kick the Habit!
Weight Control—Develop a healthier way of living!
Job Satisfaction—Understanding the effects and achieving results!
Blood Pressure Control—Reduce your risk of serious conditions!
Stress Management—Improve your stress resiliency!
Fitness Primer—Establish your own fitness program!
Personal Safety—Get “Safety Smart”!
Personal Growth—Set a clearer path for your future!
Creative Thinking—Strategies for expanding your creativity!
Low Back Care—Don’t let the pain slow you down!
Managing Change—Navigate new situations effectively!
Nutrition—Gain knowledge on healthier eating!
Interpersonal Communication—Make all communication stress free!

Wellness learning spans the science behind blood pressure to stress management techniques to designing a personalized fitness plan. The wellness series benefits employers and employees by promoting and maintaining healthier lifestyles at home and in the workplace.

Dealing with Stressors — Stress results from many different factors. This course addresses the various factors that create stress in the workplace, and provides techniques that help ease individual stressors. Learn how the SBRT (Stop, Breathe, Rewrite, and Take Action) technique will help your employees deal with pressure in the workplace.growth.

Strategic Development of Talent

Creating a Strategic Development Plan — Often, a company-wide development plan is all talk and no action. In this course, learn how to create strategic development plans that demonstrate the company’s commitment to continued learning. Motivate employees to develop themselves by implementing a reward and penalty system to foster a proactive workforce.

Choosing a Development Strategy — This course helps managers design development strategies that nurture employees’ individual talents. The key to planning talent development in the workplace is to assess each employee’s strengths and weaknesses. Learn how to organize a comprehensive needs assess-met, and use that knowledge to develop a winning development strategy.

Developing a learning organization — This course teaches managers how to develop an effective learning organization.By implementing strategies that create a learning culture organizations can pre-vent stagnation and ensure continuing competitiveness and growth.