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It sounds simple enough.

Get more out than you put in, right? However, when it comes to measuring your elearning investment it is anything but simple.

Historically you had three options when it came to purchasing eLearning courses.

  • Low-cost courses that were little more than Power Point presentations with a quiz added on
  • Attractive courses that did not achieve your learning objectives
  • Expensive high-quality courses that were professionally designed and developed by industry leaders

Regardless of the option you chose, it was tough to get a real return on your investment. Either the courses provided no measurable learning, or they were so expensive that the "return" was a long-range goal at best.

Now you have a fourth choice.

HRD Press, a worldwide leader in soft-skill content, has partnered with Element K, the world's leading provider of quality eLearning courses. The result is a high-quality, very affordable eLearning solution.

Our package includes courses professionally designed by industry leading authors and all of the technological bells and whistles you would hope for in an eLearning purchase, including interactive simulations, games, and questionnaires to keep your learners engaged.

All at a price point that won't break the bank!

Putting the "R" Back in R.O.I.

In order to determine your "R" you need to look at two variables

  1. The Top Line—what you invested in the program and
  2. The Bottom Line—what you received for your investment.

The Top Line

Purchase and own these quality elearning courses for as little as $995 per course. With our competitors charging as much as $35,000 for a similar

course, you can easily see why this is such a great deal. Our special package pricing can even save you considerably more!

Our flexible purchase options include (i) source code version (ii) CD version (iii) seats on our LMS or (iv) your own LMS preloaded with our entire course library. All at a price point that is less than you might imagine.

The Bottom Line

Since ROI is equally about what you receive as well as what you invested, we have taken great care to ensure a better course. The result is a richer learning experience, complete with business simulations, quizzes, games, and the kind of content that can only be found working with leading subject matter experts. With our courses you aren't getting watered down and generalized content. It's the best content, from the best authors, wrapped up in the best SCORM compliant course design available.


eLearning at a price you can actually afford!

The Potential of eLearning

eLearning has great potential: lower costs, reduced classroom time, increased knowledge retention, just to name a few. In addition, robust tracking can reduce your reporting requirements burden. However, for most companies eLearning has yet to fulfill its potential. The LMS craze pushed technology companies with little practical knowledge of the subject matter to thrust out libraries containing thousands of courses — and we bought them — but what were they teaching? The focus on "speed to market" corresponded with a lack of results, particularly for training on soft skills. To be effective, soft skills eLearning courses need a unique blend of high quality content and course design in order to teach skills that will transfer to on-the-job performance. This "marriage" of content, design, and delivery will help fulfill the potential of eLearning.

Better Content, Design, and Delivery = Better Results!

Although eLearning has been a great medium for certain types of technical training, it has sorely lacked in its ability to transfer competence in the soft-skill areas that make up as much as 60% of your overall training curriculum. With our dramatically enhanced content offerings, built with the assistance of the world's leading authors, you can be confident that your learner's and organizations will benefit:

  • Build More Effective Leaders
  • Transform Your HR Capabilities
  • Increase Communication Effectiveness
  • We Make It Pleasurable, and Measurable!

Better Pricing, Flexibility, and a Guarantee = A Better Value!

Purchasing an LMS and the type of eLearning courses you desire is an expensive proposition. However with our special introductory pricing you can get a lifetime of learning, for a fraction of what you would expect to spend.

Purchase the source code for added customization flexibility or add in our installation services for a turnkey package and save even more. We back it all up with a full 90-day money back guarantee.